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  7. Kagako Sensei previewed today for Legend of the Five Rings Alderac Entertainment Group upcoming expansion A Line in the Sand.

    Prints and Playmats are available here:


  8. Prepping a painting for playmat production

  9. Tamori Ginrao is previewed today for Alderac Entertainment Group Legend of the Five Rings expansion, A Line in the Sand. Prints and Playmats are available at http://jasonbehnke.com/blogs/news/15061217-tamori-ginrao

  10. Colonial Conscripts previewed for Legend of Five Rings

  11. Show of Force previewed today for ‪#‎AEG‬ ‪#‎L5R‬.

    Prints and Playmats available at


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    isezumi replied to your photo:Marimako previewed today for #AEG #L5R. …

    I really want to like the art more(the coloring and setting are awesome), but I don’t exactly understand why she is breaking the bo staff/bokken in that pose? Could you please elaborate? Thanks!!! :-)


    How the heck does one reply to someone on Tumblr? It’s… like… mysterious.

    Anyway, this will have to do. Honestly I have no idea why her bo staff is split into two pieces. The art brief, from what I recall, had her wielding two pieces of a split bo staff just as efficiently and deadly as when the bo staff was in one piece.

    It’s like… <SNAP> “Oh you think I’m less dangerous now?” <woosh woosh woosh>

    Did she break it herself? Or did someone snap it with a heavier weapon? No idea… maybe this is a question for the art director over at http://l5rart.tumblr.com/.

    Thanks Isezumi for your question and your kind words about the painting.


  13. Marimako previewed today for #AEG #L5R.


    Prints and Playmats available


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  15. Just noticed this was teased this morning. This is for Alderac Entertainment Group Legend of the Five Rings 2014 Fall Tournament. Go here for details: