1. Show of Force previewed today for ‪#‎AEG‬ ‪#‎L5R‬.

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    isezumi replied to your photo:Marimako previewed today for #AEG #L5R. …

    I really want to like the art more(the coloring and setting are awesome), but I don’t exactly understand why she is breaking the bo staff/bokken in that pose? Could you please elaborate? Thanks!!! :-)


    How the heck does one reply to someone on Tumblr? It’s… like… mysterious.

    Anyway, this will have to do. Honestly I have no idea why her bo staff is split into two pieces. The art brief, from what I recall, had her wielding two pieces of a split bo staff just as efficiently and deadly as when the bo staff was in one piece.

    It’s like… <SNAP> “Oh you think I’m less dangerous now?” <woosh woosh woosh>

    Did she break it herself? Or did someone snap it with a heavier weapon? No idea… maybe this is a question for the art director over at http://l5rart.tumblr.com/.

    Thanks Isezumi for your question and your kind words about the painting.


  3. Marimako previewed today for #AEG #L5R.


    Prints and Playmats available


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  5. Just noticed this was teased this morning. This is for Alderac Entertainment Group Legend of the Five Rings 2014 Fall Tournament. Go here for details:

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  8. Sketch for Sudden Storm https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=645333342209085&set=a.427987770610311.100263.427966523945769&type=3&theater

    The idea here is Isawa Shunsuko is casting a spell that encases Yoritomo Kanaye within a block of ice.

    Tomorrow I will upload the sketch of another painting in the same set which features Isawa Hinata approaching the block of ice and shattering it with void magic, thereby finally destroying Kanaye.

    It’s all pretty interesting. This is the art direction which in many ways is inspired by actual tournament play from the Legend of the Five Rings community, the direction of the game being deeply affected by the fans and players themselves.

    Legend of Five Rings is an Alderac Entertainment Group product.

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  14. Crissium - Mass Effect 1

    If you’re interested in learning more about this, here’s a little write-up about it.


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